ON BLIZZZAST!!! Rapper Nelly’s Ex-Promoter Claims He’s Addicted To STEROIDS . .. COCAINE . . . And GAMBLING!!!

: MediaTakeOut.com just got some EXPLOSIVE NEWS. According to rapper Nelly's ex-promoter - NELLY IS BROKE. The manager claims that Nelly has a VERY BAD gambling problem . . . and that he blew ALL HIS MONEY.

It all started a few days ago when Nelly and his then promoter SLIM got into a war of words. Apparently Slim booked Nelly to appear at a Basketball game, and Nelly didn't like it.

So Nelly took to Twitter and AIRED OUT Slim . . . then fired him.

Well Slim didn't like all the SLICK TWEETING . . . and proceeded to put ALLLL of Nelly's business out there.

Dayummm . . . remind us NEVER to get on Slim's bad side. When that man GOES IN . . . he goes ALL THE WAY IN!!!

UPDATE - Nelly's peeps reached out and told us that Slim is NOT Nelly's manager - and never was. They claim he's just one of the promoters Nelly has worked with in the past.


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