: We here at MediaTakeOut.com knew that NBA ballers are usually PRETTY DUMB . . . but this is taking STUPIDITY to the next level.

We EXCLUSIVELY uncovered that the Boston Celtics' Marquis Daniels is leaving very BIZARRE clues on his Twitter page. In and of themselves, they're meaningless. But when viewed TOGETHER . . strongly suggest that he's affiliated with the BLOODS GANG!!!

What are the clues - well first, as his PROFILE PIC - he put up a pair of RED sneaks and a RED hat - an ODD CHOICE for a profile pic. And then, he uses a bizarre GANG CREATED DIALECT, used by Bloods members. You see, because they're at war with the CRIPS, they refuse to write the letter "C".

Why anyone with SO MUCH TOO LOSE, would do anything that could even SUGGEST they were a gang member is BEYOND US.

Members of the press are REQUIRED to credit MediaTakeOut.com for this EXCLUSIVE report


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